5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is a Great Tool for Your Business

Regardless what type of business you have (web-based, home-based, or brick and mortar), communicating with prospects or customers is vital to your success. If you doubt the benefits of incorporating email marketing into your overall marketing strategy, here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider.

1.       Email Marketing is Inexpensive – You’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable way to stretch your marketing budget and measure your results. While a myriad of programs exist such as Constant Contact and Aweber, make your choice based on what’s right for your marketing campaign and not because it’s what everyone else is using.

2.       Email Marketing Provides a Quick & Easy Way to Build Relationships – It’s not difficult to get contact information from prospects or existing customers, particularly when you offer to provide value in your communications. Once you have their permission, it just takes a click of the button to distribute your message, announcement or offer.

3.       Email Marketing Offers a Higher Return on Investment – Permission-based marketing opens the door to encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases. If done right, customers are most likely to do business with you again and/or refer you to others.

4.       Provide an Immediate Call to Action using Email Marketing – Tell your prospects what you want them to do now and enable this functionality in your email. Examples include Click here to order online or Register Now!

5.       Email Marketing Works Well with Other Marketing Methods – Working on a special promotion? You can email your list before, after or during a radio, TV or direct mail promotion to reinforce your message.  Most email programs allow you to design a signup form on your website to collect information from current or potential customers. Statistics have shown that targeted email campaigns have approximately a 30 to 50% chance of obtaining a new customer, a sale, or both.

Whether your need is to send certain information to only part of your customer list, or track responses on a certain product or service, email marketing is a great tool for your business. It offers a powerful way to bring your business up a notch without breaking the bank or using valuable time needed on other aspects of your business.

Email marketing is your ticket to regular communication with prospects and customers who have expressed interest in your business. Used wisely, you can build a community of followers to whom you can repeatedly promote your services or products.