Why Should I Join the Referral Xchange Group (RXG)?

Once your membership is accepted you have locked out your competition. We accept only one business specialty as a member.

Enhance your profits through local business referrals. RXG offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your business profits through word-of-mouth advertising. Each week you inform your "sales team" about the types of referrals you are seeking.

Overcome barriers to and in your business. Your RXG "sales team" can help provide insight for increased sales. Learn new techniques and strategies for marketing your business online and offline.

A platform to discuss issues that may affect your business. Find out how other business owners obtain success in spite of economic, business, and financial challenges.

Opportunities to increase small business awareness in your community. Name recognition is important toward building trust. RXG offers opportunities for you to gain recognition through various events sponsored by our partners.

Join us next Tuesday and find out first hand why membership in RXG could be the right prescription for your business success! Meetings are held at 10665 Stanhaven Place, inside the Southern Maryland Business Center, 3rd Floor Cafe in White Plains, MD.