Member Spotlight – November 2015

Cheston Enterprises

fb-photoSince 1981, we have been passionate about using and sharing Shaklee Health and Environmental Products. Having retired after 38 years of teaching, we both still have a love for the profession and are applying many of these skills in our business.

Our mission in Shaklee continues to be one of teaching and empowering people to create healthier lives. We encourage the use of our clinical proven, scientifically tested, natural nutrition supplements, safe biodegradable green household cleaners, water and air purification systems. All Shaklee products are guaranteed and you can be sure of three things; they are always safe, they are always green, and they always work.

It has been so rewarding receiving testimonies of amazement, disbelief, and excitement from customers who have received outstanding benefits from using our products. Among the testimonies are those involving our Wellness Program, our Detox-Cinch Inch-Loss Program, and the “WOW” experiences from the use of our green products.

Our motivational force to share and educate others about Shaklee is Proverb 3:27: “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.”

Johnnie & Sallie Cheston

Cheston Enterprises


RXG Charter Members

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